Sunday, 16 October 2016

Life, a thick head and pleasant surprises

Gaming life has been somewhat eratic due to a combination of picking up a bug which has had me feeling crap and the fact that we are in the middle of a house refurbishment which has filled up the shed with furniture and household bits and pieces.

But I did get to Selwig and, much to to my surprise, BLAM was being held at pub just a couple of miles away so, on my way home from work Friday, I nipped in for a look and a pint. There I met Giles, aka Eric the Shed, who was extremely hospital and has invited me for a quick go of his "Dad's Army" game.

Giles's (Eric's) scratch built sub.
A 1:48 scale church and, I hasten to add, not my drink
Below are various pictures of other games that were going on at the time. They were just getting themselves set up on the Friday evening for a weekend of gaming and, no doubt, not a little amount of drinking.
Star Wars

Sharp Practice
I really liked those trees

And a lovely Jack the Ripper game.

On Sunday, managed to get myself to Selwig. I have to admit I wasn't feeling particularly good, but it seemed quite well attended and I picked up a few bits and bobs. I met a few fellow bloggers, Tasmin the War Gaming Girl and a couple of Posties Rejects. We had a quick chat. It has to be said a lot of the traders were selling very similar product as the war gaming market seems to be dominated more and more by the big players imho. It was, however, still a nice show.

Simon Miller's To the Strongest game
Some of you might recognize the big chap in the middle; everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I am tempted by these rules - simple and dynamic

A very nice game of Chain of Command; really enjoyed the terrain - always something to aspire to. Had a good ole' chinwag with the gentleman running it. Unfortunately, I did not take that many photographs and the ones I did turned out to be rubbish. Might have something to do with my head full of cotton wool and day nurse.

Here is the mandatory picture of my swag - not a lot! Which just goes to show I was not at my best.

And, finally, a few things I have managed to complete on the painting and making front. It's been a bit slow going lately.

A small maize field.
A 4 Ground Polish Rural Cottage.

Some fire and explosion markers which I have copied from Giles' (Eric's) game on at BLAM.

And, finally, sun flowers

Cheers, until next time.


  1. Hi Dave - was good to meet you at SELWG. The terrain looks great.

    Hope you get over that cold soon :)