Thursday, 29 September 2016

The End of Summer

I thought I ought to update this blog as it has been a while. As usual, life has got in the way somewhat.

During the course of the summer I have been slowly renovating some of my terrain which, as you know, can get a bit battered over time. And, as I have gone up to 28mm, since the eyes don't work as well as they used to, I have been making new bits of terrain and discovering the joys of MDF buildings.

I have knocked up a couple of 4Ground buildings which, despite my misgivings, went together very well, even if they were a bit fiddly. With a bit of work they look great.

I also put together a very nice Sarissa windmill which flew together, even with my modifications.

On the workbench I have my third 4Ground building which has gone together very well and I have put together a small maize field.

On the gaming front, we have been playing a lot of Dragon Rampant which is always a hoot and a very subtle rule system. We will probably be having a go at the new offshoot (The Man Who Would Be King). I may be dragged into a new period - lots of colonial skirmishing. Plus, on the horizon, is Pikemen's Lament; another variation of the Lion Rampant rules.

Bish and Bash - the heavy hitters in my slowly growing goblin army
We have also been playing a World War II mash up of Crossfire, Fireball Forward with bits of other rules that I quite like. It is slowly coming together.

Gaming for the next four to six weeks will be somewhat curtailed as the shed will be full of furniture and various kitchen paraphenalia as we are having some restoration works done but I will try to get as much painting and making done as possible.

With a bit of luck, I might actually make it to Selwig this year - fingers crossed.


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