Thursday, 3 August 2017

PBI in 28mm

Hi there, long time, no post.

It has got to be said that over the last few months I have seriously thought about knocking this blog on the head but, slowly but surely, I am getting my mojo back.

This is started way back in February when I picked up a rather nasty little virus which laid me low for two weeks and I then spent the next five weeks feeling very fatigues and lacking in motivation. I did manage to get to Salute; completely missed the bloggers' meet up, though thinking I would soon get back into the blogging bit. Then life seemed to just get in the way; what with end of season rugby, Lions Tour to New Zealand and the fact that we actually did have a bit of a summer, which sadly appears to have gone awol at the moment. Just when I was beginning to think about restarting the blog, I got knocked off my bike! All is well again now, however, and barring accidents, acts of God, should be more regular.

Anyway, I have decided to make a games table for PBI WWII rules by Peter Pig. As anybody knows, this is a grid based game using 6 inch squares designed for 15mm figures. However, at my age, I cannot see them very well so I am doing square foot terrain and 28mm figures.

I went down the local wood yard and got 10mm ply cut into two foot squares. Then off to local fabric land to purchase 3 metres of teddybear fur. A bit of shaving, cutting and pasting followed. I have ended up with this: ...

 The great British summer was not helping as it turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag of a day.

As you can see from the picture to the right, the sun eventually turned up and helped dry out the boards.

Eventually, after everything had dried out and been thoroughly brushed, I managed to set it all up in the summer house/game shed.

I now have 6 foot by 10 foot of games table. I just have to come up with a way of discreetly marking the squares. I put on a few bits of terrain just to give a rough idea of what a game layout would look like.

When the table is more heavily populated with terrain, it should look much better. On that front, I have put together a couple of building squares which have been sitting under the bed for at least a year. This will be an ongoing project.

Next Monday, we have a multi-player game of Lion Rampant. Hope to remember to take some pictures, instead of merely swearing at the dice gods.

'til next time ...

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Better Late than Never

The first post of the New Year, which is a bit later than I had hoped, but that's life for you.

I have managed to get in two games so far this year; both of which I even managed to win! Not sure how I did that. The first game was a WWII bash on the Eastern front. Me, the plucky Russians versus Adrian and the dastardly Germans. It was one of those games that could have gone either way but for the fact I think Adrian was caught between two stalls and couldn't decide where to commit his troops. Plus some very unlucky rally rolls.
German armour hanging back and
indulging in some long range shooting
but taking casualties

a flukey  shot at long range
Two T70s taking some for the team.
Not a shot fired between the two of them.

Russian Infantry advance, taking the central farm, with the help of a KV1 which was hit repeatedly but everything bounced. It eventually knocked out the offending marder. At that point the German dice gods departed. With a string of unsuccessful rallies and out of ammo rolls the game was up.

The turning point in the game.
The second game was Pulp Alley at Adrian's in his loft. I was the baddie and Adrian was the goody, playing the doctor and his minions. I thought I had lost but, at the end of the game, when we totalled up things, it turned out I had won. I have no idea how that happened but good fun was had. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photographs. Bugger!

On the painting and making fronts I have completed a church which is vaguely Russian looking, and some very nice Rubicon kits; an early Panther and an early Tiger. They go together very nicely. Also two resin vehicles from Die Waffenkammer, which are very nice if you don't mind waiting absolutely months and months for. Canadian post is supposed to be even worse than ours.
A 4Ground church. Have been looking for a roundish bauble to go on top to make it more Russian. No luck so far. It will do for the time being.

everybody loves a tiger
Rubicon early Panther. It's already broken down once.

A lynx; very cute.

A 234/1 armoured car. Nice!

Here's to the next time. Hope the dice gods are with you. Cheers.