Thursday, 1 December 2016

November;blimey where did that go!!!!

Well November has been and gone,and no blog post,bugger! Since my last post the new kitchen has at last been done, and the boss is very happy.

That means that gaming  life can resume hurrah,so this last Monday Adrian and I got down the summer house for a ww2 dust up,
I find the machine gun the hard way
A platoon of Germans moving up
A bit of milling about
Russians trying to sneak up but spotted
Charge! It did not go well.
A good game and not a tank in sight,ON the painting and making front got some goblins and trolls done for dragon rampant, plus some German ww2 stuff, and more sunflowers and game makers
what to call him?
a summoned demon from the big rubble?
what a mess

 and couple of warlord Russian tanks
a cute t70
a very nice kv1

A bit of a brute. Should put the wind up the German players.

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