Thursday, 14 July 2016

Terrain Making

This last weekend, I thought I would try my hand at a bit of terrain making. I have always quite liked teddybear fur terrain. I have made one before, so thought I would have another go with some slight modifications to my technique.

This is a tutorial-ish on how to do teddybear terrain.

First up the raw materials.
teddy fur

fence paint
acrylic sealant
stolen hair brush
The obvious one  teddybear fur, a good set of clippers (I used wahl clippers, picked up on ebay for a song). Also forest green fence paint, paintable window sealant, and a good strong hair brush of some description for brushing out the fur and help stop the paint matting on the fur.

beginning to take shape
First up  trim the fur right down for your road layout, then trim the remaining areas down to varying lengths to create fields and rolling grassland. Then give it a really good brushing. Next get your acrylic sealant and apply to road lines and smooth - I used some old bits of plastic card to smooth it all down. Leave 
overnight to cure.

Next up the painting of the fur; relatively small amounts of paint, steadily worked in. Latex gloves come in very handy at this point as you can knead it in and work it around. The brush I used was a smallish 1" brush. I worked in areas of about a square foot. Once you have completed a small area, the sturdy hairbrush comes in handy to brush the fur through and stop it clumping. Basically continue with the next area and repeat. Once everything is painted to your satisfaction, give the whole mat a good brush, then allow to dry. A sunny day really does help in this respect.

Once dry, again give it a good brush to remove any clumps. I then took it back inside and painted the roads.  I used a cheap brownish acrylic availble in most hobby stores. This was then heavily dry brushed. Once this has dried, go back over your fur and trim any bits that need attention  ie fields or clumps of grass that appear too long.

Of course, now I have a new terrain mat, we had to have a game on it. Come Monday night we had a cracking game of Dragon Rampant. Suffice to say, I thought it looked pretty good. Here are a few in-action shots:

And, finally a mid forties gamer having a moment when the dice gods have been good to him.


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