Monday, 20 October 2014

Stuff that i have done in the last few weeks

Some vines that I got at Selwig; just added static grass round the edges and stained the end posts.

a starfort mdf house - just tarted up; added some foliage and painted the roof.

the cafe de normandy jadded some signage and repainted the roof still a bit off work to do.
two russian cottages again mdf still a lot to do but so far so good
esci 250/1 half tracks
 pluse esci panzer3 and marder2d

I dont know the make of the marder it was give to me years ago

   Norman crossbow man for lion rampant

next up more Normans and some russian ww2 armour



  1. Nice pics, love the Vineyard. For some reason blogger won't let me join your blog, I'll try again another day.

  2. Great looking vines, beautiful pictures!

  3. Still can't join your blog Dave??

  4. I will have a look into that and try to sort it out,cheers

  5. Hi Dave,thanks for info posted on Ray Rousell`s Blog,I was able through that to log onto your yours. Love the pictures,of you and your other half having fun. Ace looking Cool Vines,I must have a crack at making some of my own. I will certainly visit again. Beano Boy