Monday, 3 November 2014

Crisis 2014

This year, for some obscure reason, I got it into my head that Crisis in Antwerp, Belgium, seemed like a good idea. How right was I? The boss, seemed amenable to this as well and, one of my gaming mates, Adrian and his boss, were up for it too. So, off we jolly well went.

Mustering the troops for the off. A relatively painless train ride from southwest London all the way to Southend airport, a bit of faffing about at the airport, as expected, and then a quick hop over the Channel and in less than an hour, we were in Antwerp. A brief taxi ride to the hotel, dump the bags off and then out on the town. Word of warning here for any future travellers .. Belgium beer is quite pokey and, as the boss discovered, they are quite casual about measures of shorts.
It's starting to get a bit messy at this point.

The weather was absolutely fabulous, considering the time of year. Getting to Hangar 29 was a gentle stroll through town with a quick stop for coffee and croissants. There was one small hazard on the way, absolutely loads of cyclists. It was a bit disconcerting, in that everytime you turned round there was a cyclist! We discovered the best way to deal with them was to continue as if they weren't there and let them dodge you. It was the safest option!

Glorious sunshine, just outside the main venue.

Inside were two large halls, well lit. While it was obviously very busy, there was plenty of room to move and everybody was very polite and shift out the way if you wanted to get closer to the tables or take photographs. I will stick up a few general pictures of the hall and what was gong on to provide an impression of relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The Brits were there in quite large numbers, with the Lardies' table looking excellent as usual, with loads of people around it. They were kept busy, running multiple games.

One of the things that I noticed on the home grown Belgium tables was beer which helped with the relaxed atmosphere. I have never seen this at a UK show; very civilised. Where I am not a great fan of 40k, I thought I would put this in to demonstrate.

World War II game - what's not to like. Nice table and well painted toys; I thought the Britannia Miniatures looked very good.

A snow table with lizards. Those lads are having fun.

In stark contrast, a desert scene with a lit up hareem which the boss was way too interested in

Another table, full of plastic soldiers I remember having myself, when I was about 11. A long time ago now.

The food met with approval. The catering was chaotic but good; a weird system of tokens was in place instead of taking cash, but it seemed to work. A sandwich, in Belgium, is slightly different from what I am used to and the boss was impressed too! She had walked her little socks off!
Tired but hungry.
Crisis 2014 was a very enjoyable show and Antwerp in general was lovely. The city has a lot to offer and is still looking good, despite various armies tramping through it. I would highly recommend, if you get the chance, to go and take the camp followers with you, because they will enjoy it too.  Loads of shops, places of interest, together with plenty of restaurants and bars, not forgetting the chocolate. We only saw a quarter of it and will be going back again next year to take in more.

A good weekend was had by all and it didn't break the bank.

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