Sunday, 19 October 2014

It has been a while

Time or, more accurately, the lack off it has been the problem, given the choice between gaming, painting, watching a game of rugby, or blogging - all of the above come first. Plus life has been full on, which is great.

First up I went to Selwig and the BOSS wanted to come too, which was nice.
"not yet, I have still got my glasses on"
She seemed to be interested and have good time and, far from restraining my spending, was saying things like: "that looks good, why don't you get some of those" RESULT! Who would have thought?                                                      
bloke in green top"good grief a woman!"
"thats better"

I was not going to get these but she made me!

Selwig was a bit thin this year; less games and traders and the traders seemed to be too generic. However, it was a good show and easy for me to get to.
a game of panzer grenadier deluxe my favourite ww2 rules at the moment
some excellent terain
                  a very nice vietnam game lots of toys to look at plus a b52 over head

                                       Off to antwerp in few week and crisis 2014. Good belgium beer, games and the boss is coming too - what's not to like?                                                                                                                         

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