Sunday, 21 September 2014

I love the smell of laser cut mdf

Since I last posted, I have been putting together laser cut mdf buildings. First up were two factory buildings that I got at Salute this year; one is for 28mm and the other for 15mm, or so I am told. In my personal opinion it didn't make a lot of difference; basically they were cheap! I think they have scrubbed up quite well.

This is the 15mm factory with some 20mm troops inside and I think it looks quite good and seems to scale perfectly fine.
Next photos are of the 28mm; marginly bigger and also, I think, looks pretty good.

The above three photos are of the larger of the two buildings. Added a few piles of rubble just to delineate different areas of the factory. Next up were three buildings from Starfort Miniatures, I think. These were pre-painted and went together very easily and I quite liked them, despite a few short-comings, which I will show you

Scalewise, not too bad but some of the painting is a bit iffy. The left hand picture you can see where all the joins are and, if you look at the right hand picture, on the roof you can see the slots have not been painted. This means I will have to touch them up if I can find the right colour. I will be getting some more of these at some point, as they are nice little buildings, but I will not get the pre-painted ones. I still think, the guy who is producing these, is working out a few design kinks. That being said, I like them.

Last up are three buildings I picked up on ebay for next to nowt. I can't tell you who they are made by as I don't know but they went together really well - two are definitely for Russian front and the other is a western european house. I will probably leave the Russians in their natural wood colour; just painting in the doors and window shutters and see how that looks. The house will get the full treatment.

Finally, Lion Rampant - new rules by Daniel Mersey - has arrived from those lovely people at Amazon. I have high hopes for these as I never really got on with Saga; with all their silly dice and battle boards. Gave it a go but it all just ended up with us arguing about who could do what. We like to keep it simple we do.

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