Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The painting season has started

Well its that time of year again when i get most (2 thirds) of my painting done, normally the painting season starts in late september early october but this year it started early. Why you may ask. Well my wife has a lot of overtime at this time of year, so, becaues i quite like my wife, i time most of my painting for this period - me at the paint table and her at her desk typing up reports.This all works out very well as we chat away to each other about work, the kids, and life in general; all very relaxing and, if one of us needs a short break to rest our eyes, then tea is made. On average 2/3 hours a night of painting gets done 3 sometimes 4 nights a week. Monday is game night mostly! and friday is the weekend. This will go on 'till some time in March. Obviously, life gets in the way occasionally. Sometimes, we simply can't be arsed! and a bottle of wine is cracked open, feet up to watch the TV; a film or when there is some rugby on. Which reminds me, the season kicks off this Friday - hoorah!!

My painting table still looking reasonably tidy. Probably because I haven't done a lot of painting recently.

Some marders that i have just finished. They are resin from 20mm zone. Just got to find some crews.
Norman crossbow man from conquest games. Just got to tart up the bases and they are done.
More normans and some 105 revell howitzers.
A 4ground 20mm house that i got at salute this year which i am finding is a bit of a bugger to put together.

Plenty of stuff to keep me going.

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