Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back from my holidays

Well I am back from my holidays. Had a great time; I  am at least half a stone (7 lbs) heavier. Game wise, its been at least three weeks, so we have got a game of some sort next Monday night. This is of course subject to things like working late, "I can't be arsed.", "What! You meant this Monday?" or, in Ian's case, "Its too cold!" or "Its a bit wet" - the big girl's blouse. There are five of us who try to meet up most Monday nights for a game of some sort. The last time was at Adrian's place and we had a game of 7tv which is a skirmish game set in the 70s world of tv cops and robbers, Dr Who, Blake 7; that sort of thing. Good fun, even if its total chaos.

Before that a game of battle group kirsk.
The Germans - a bit thin on the ground - but the mighty Panzer 3 won the day

The view from the Russian end

the russian commanders looking a bit despondent as they realise they are up against a master tactition
t34s go up in smoke and the beer goes down
The Russian high water mark

The mighty Panzer 3s

the Russians milling about and not doing much. "Poor command roles" they said. Of courser it was!

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