Saturday, 9 August 2014


This is my first post on my second attempt at a war gaming blog. In my war gaming life this has been my default tactic,  if I don't know what to do, "if in doubt charge!"

Back in the day, when playing Battle Mech, I used to regularly charge in as close as possible, unload all my close range weapons and then hit them with my big chopper. This seemed to do the job more often than not.

In the 80s I used to play in a D&D campaign which ran, on and off, for about six years and I know I regularly upset the carefully crafted scenario and the two DMs, Kev and Ros, with "sod this, let's get them, charge!" and, in a flurry of D20s, it was all over. Sometimes it all went 'tits up'; I would either go down in a blaze of glory or my character would fumble and the DMs would gleefully tell me that I had cut my nuts off or some such nonsense. Regardless of the outcome, it was all great fun.

I have been playing with toy soldiers, i.e. war gaming in one form or another, since about 1972. There have been times when real life has got in the way and not much gaming of any sort has occurred, but I have always returned to the toys when I could. I have met some really nice people over the years and the odd complete wanker; such is life!

As mentioned earlier, this is my second attempt at a war games blog, so bear with me please, as I try not to throw my computer out the window.

This is the beginning of my blogging odyssey. Let's hope it goes better for me than it did for Odysseus.

Cheers, Dave. Will try to get some photos up, as soon as I have worked out how to do it.

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