Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Long time no see

The first post in a very long time!

The reason I have not been posting that much, ie at all in the past year are many fold: First up time - or more accurately the lack of it. I was working a 60 hour plus week and blogging seemed to come at the end of the list of things to do after painting and gaming and real life.

Second, my computer died for a bit, but was ressurrected. Thirdly, I lost my camera at Crisis last year with lots of lovely photographs on it, and finally, small technical issues on how to use my new photographic device and upload pictures from it. I have now sorted this out, as you will see.

A lot of things have happened over the last year on the gaming front. One of my gaming buddies, Ian, has gone to New Zealand but I gather he is returning for a brief visit for Salute next year. We went to Crisis again. A good time was had by all apart from the loss of my camera. I got quite a few games in. There has been a major shift in scale, brought on by my eyes not being able to see the smaller stuff any more. I am now painting toys in 28mm - who'd have thought?

Unfortunately, I missed Salute this year as the boss had double booked me. But gaming life has gone on, when we have been able to fit it in. Have played a lot of Dragon Rampant by Dan Mercy. Great fun and chaotic. The Nasty Cough Campain has staggered on. Here be a small selection of pictures:

and some dragon rampant piccies

Ian's last game

and some 28mm ww2 stuff

Now I have the technical issues sussed, there should be more posts in the not too distant future.