Thursday, 14 May 2015

Game 2 of the Nasty Cough campaign

The Gaming Season seems to have arrived. No less than four of the Monday Night gamers got together; we had a very pleasant evening of rolling dice and pushing the toys around the table.

This was game 2 of the intermittent - I hope, ongoing - Nasty Cough campaign,set in Russia 1941 so far. The Grey Hoards were commanded by Ian and Adrian, while the Heroes of the Motherland were commanded by me and, when Larry turned up, he gave a helping hand.

looking east
In campaign terms, it was a case of the Russians desperately throwing units into the fray to try and slow the Germans down. It was a good fun game.
Germans on their start line

Some general milling about and then they were off.

A few Russian units awaiting the enslaught

A Stug 3 passes a KO'd armoured car. "I think we found them".

We were playing the defenders having mostly hidden deployment. In theory, the Germans would have to use their recky units to go and find them. Adrian had a very Pattonesk use of reconnaisance units (ie straight up the road until something shoots at them). This had mixed results.

The rest of the German armour went straight up the middle. Not particularly quickly, but in a steady advance; finding an MG bunker, anti-tank rifle and infantry platoon in the corn fields, which they soon saw off.

Russian infantry legging it backwards  through the cornfields again
Bottom left, German infantry and armour over-running MG bunker

It wasn't completely one-sided; Gerry tanks taking damage

"We got one, we got one!"

... but, for every one of the Germans KO'd, it seemed like there were two or three Russians KO'd.

Eventually, we had to call time; it was clear that the German players were about to outflank and overrun the Russians (ie me). Russian morale was clearly in the red but was still clinging on.

Above are a few general pictures of the battlefield.

Until next time .....

I think we are at Adrian's next Monday. Have no idea what we are playing.

Thank you for all your kind comments ..... cheers!

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