Sunday, 17 September 2017

A small update on PBI in 28mm and yet more Dracula's America

As is usual, plans of mice and men often go astray. I was hoping to have a bit more done by now, but what with the boss having a bunion operation and demanding endless cups of tea and other stuff and on top of which I tweaked a disc in my back which seriously put a crimp in the proceedings. However, I have managed to add more bits to my terrain for PBI in 28mm.

First up, I have enlarged my cornfield to 30cm x 30cm.

Next - a walled enclosure, which can be merely a walled enclosure or an orchard.

Also, ploughed fields which measure 60cm x 60cm, made of a doormat glued down and lightly dry brushed - dead easy. All the vehicles in shot are 1/48 scale to give some perspective.

Next up a really nice church for the Western theatres from the company Sarisa.

On the gaming front, we have been playing Dracula's America. All good fun, although still wrapping my head around how the game works. But, the Sons of the South and the Colonel have been kicking butt.
The Colonel's cunning plan comes off - bushwacking the bounty hunting varmits.

The Colonel summons a horror who gives Calamity Jane a right shillacking

The other lot are hiding. Not gonna win you a game.

Not a lot of pictures were taken of this game as it was a four player game and the Sons of the South were being ganged up on. Despite these odds and the fact that the other players were very uncoordinated, the Sons of the South kicked arse.

Tomorrow night's game is Dragon Rampant. May the dice gods be with you.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

More PBI in 28mm and a bit of Dracula's America

In my last post I hadn't quite finished my PBI terrain. I have now marked up all the squares in an unobtrusive manner but, when you get your eye in, you can see it. I hope the following pictures will give you some idea of what I mean.

The next set of pictures shows the table laid out and a few posed shots.

I still have more terrain to add, in the shape of  more buildings and some drop in terrain features such as corn field, marshes. At some point I am going to create a full river and some small hills.

On the gaming front, we had a game of Lion Rampant the week before last. The less said about that the better - got absolutely spanked! My goblin army failed every courage test and melted away.

The Colonel surveys the scene
Last Monday, Adrian introduced me to Dracula's America, which is a good fun game. It's cowboys and indians plus things that go bump in the night. Here are a few pictures of the game:

The Sons of the South form a firing line
The Sons of the South execute their cunning plan - grab the loot first

The Bounty Hunters mill about
The Bounty Hunters get involved in a bloody fight in the farm house

Nasty things lurking in the cornfield

The playing cards you can see are part of the activation system and tend to create a game within a game. All good fun. Definitely going to give this a go again.